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About us

White Mountain Research (WMR) towers above an increasingly crowded market to offer corporate and government clients a superior and diversified international security resource to understand and pre-empt complex foes in the most demanding environments. Our holistic, multi-level solutions based on our integrated  approach combine state of the art knowledge with proven operational innovation and integrity. We confront warfare’s changing face with confidence that sees beyond the horizon.

White Mountain Research is a service disabled veteran owned small business.

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Chief executive officer

Rudolph Atallah

Lt. Col. Rudolph Atallah, USAF (Ret.), is Chief Executive Officer of White Mountain Research, dedicated to understanding and mitigating complex global threats to human security. A native of Beirut, Lebanon and fluent in Arabic and French, Rudy’s 21-year career in the United States Air Force spanned from aviation and special operations to intelligence and counterterrorism....



Chief Operating Officer

Zeno Gamble

Zeno Gamble is the Chief Operating Officer at White Mountain Research devoted to a global mission of helping people.  He is responsible for managing the full portfolio of operations and specializes in  the study of violent non-state actors operating in Africa and the Middle East....



chief strategy officer

Carl Pike

Carl Began his law enforcement career as a Ranger with the Tennessee Department of Conservation where he was a member of the SRC specializing in whitewater and mountain rescue.  He retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration after 27 years of service, most recently as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Special Operations Division, overseeing Canada, Mexico and Central America...


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Principal & Chief Technology Officer

Todd Woodrick

Todd is a former Air Force Special Tactics Officer with public and private sector experience in technology development and investment.  After leading special operations and advanced military technology programs for more than 23 years in the Air Force, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and Joint Special Operations Command, Todd joined the senior staff of Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Lab where he championed operator-centric technology development....



Director for Strategic Communications

Michael Powell

Michael Powell is the Director of Strategic Communications at White Mountain Research. 

Michael was previously the Director of Development at Mercury One, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Dallas, committed to taking action through humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and education initiatives. As the principal fundraiser for the organization, he was responsible for the organization’s donor development and management strategy....




Marielle Costanza

Marielle Costanza is the Senior Strategic Advisor at White Mountain Research where she is responsible for developing strategic initiatives and building partnerships with likeminded organizations. Marielle is a versatile leader who has developed a successful start-up company, as well as an operations department and two business development practices.




Dave Lopez

Dave Lopez has deep experience and highly specialized training in classified global counter-terrorism operations, Close quarters tactical training and protection services in support of intelligence operations.



Project Manager

Teri Moy

Teri Moy serves as a project manager for a wide variety of White Mountain Research.  In this role, she provides key communications support between multiple international projects, bringing together people and critical information by delivering thorough assessments, expert services, and providing unique solutions to global clients. 


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East Asia Operations Manager

Ephraim Mattos

Ephraim Mattos is the East Asia Operations Manager for White Mountain Research.  Ephraim served in the US military for 6 years as a US Navy SEAL seeing combat in the Middle East and deploying to multiple countries throughout the Persian Gulf and South East Asia.



Middle East Operations Manager

Jawad Georges

Jawad Abou Jaoude is the Middle East Operations Manager for White Mountain Research Group.  A recognized leader and security specialist in operations in the Middle East, Jawad specializes in providing safety and security for personnel in northern Syria and Iraq.  He has successfully planned, coordinated, and executed operations supporting more than ten thousand personnel requiring critical logistical and security support for their safe movements throughout the region over the past two decades....




Charbel Chami

Charbel Chami is a Regional Expert on the Middle East for White Mountain Research Group.  He is responsible for managing projects in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Iraq.  He has a background in transportation, health, safety and security operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He is dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to displaced refugees.  In this role, he helps provide care, transportation and logistical support to at-risk communities.





Atrn Bahram

Atrn Bahram is a Regional Expert on the Middle East for White Mountain Research Group. He is dedicated to providing operational support to humanitarian projects in the region.  In this role, Atrn coordinates transportation and logistics for White Mountain team members and clients, conducts safety and security assessments of new environments, assists in refugee resettlement, and facilitates medical and psychological treatment for refugees and other communities in need.




Lucas Sosoika

Masai Lucas Sosoika is a Regional Expert on East Africa for White Mountain Research Group.  He is responsible for managing projects in the nations of the African Great Lakes and halophytic ecoregion.  He is dedicated to empowering communities in this remote region of the world.  In this role, he helps support the Masai culture by building renewable resources, promoting sustainable development, and bringing education and care to the community.





Abdoulaye Ag Mohamed

Abdoulaye Ag Mohamed is a Regional Expert on West Africa for White Mountain Research Group.  He is responsible for managing projects in the Western Sahara region and is dedicated to humanitarian aid and peace among the political confederations of the area.  In this role, he provides expert analysis focusing on Tuareg issues and current events in Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya, and Burkina Faso.



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Executive Partner

Jeffrey B. Cozzens

Jeffrey B. Cozzens has for over a decade supported counter-terrorism initiatives for clients in the intelligence, defense and homeland security sectors. Mr. Cozzens is an accomplished writer and briefer, with a primary academic focus on the ideological, social and strategic dimensions of jihadi thought and activism in the West and a secondary focus on the Middle East....


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Executive Partner

Stephen Red Bow 

Stephen V. Red Bow is Executive Partner of White Mountain Research and Director of Operations.  A highly decorated Navy SEAL Command Master Chief, he retired in January 2010 after 21 years of service. An accomplished manager, leader, instructor and operator with broad expertise in leading Personal Security Details (PSD) and implementing force protection programs, Mr. Red Bow has successfully planned, coordinated and executed hundreds of joint operations and combat missions in multiple theaters around the world.....