Carl Pike


Carl Pike

Carl Began his law enforcement career as a Ranger with the Tennessee Department of Conservation where he was a member of the SRC specializing in whitewater and mountain rescue.  He retired from the Drug Enforcement Administration after 27 years of service, most recently as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the Special Operations Division, overseeing Canada, Mexico and Central America.

In addition to his experience as a case and undercover agent, Carl was also part of the Office of Professional Responsibility where he oversaw and led internal affairs investigations of administrative, and criminal allegations of integrity-related employee misconduct.  He identified and developed suitable corrections of policies, procedures, and practices that were detrimental to the agency's image, efficiency, and mission.

Carl supervised a highly decorated multi-agency international team of Law Enforcement, Intelligence, and DOD personnel in conducting advanced intelligence collection and criminal investigations of trans-national organized crime syndicates. He oversaw large-scale domestic and international joint agencies' proactive investigations of organized crime, terrorist groups, money laundering, narcotics, weapons, and human trafficking. Mr. Pike has delivered over 200 briefs annually for US officials, members of Congress and foreign dignitaries. He is still called upon by numerous TV and print news organizations for commentary regarding national security threats.  Carl earned the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Taskforce Outstanding Achievement Award, multiple DEA Administrator Awards and was a Service to America Medals (“SAMMIE”) Nominee.