White Mountain Research (WMR) is an American-based disabled veteran owned company that specializes in providing logistics, operations and humanitarian services to complex security challenges across the globe.  Through its expansive on-the-ground global networks and veteran operators, WMR customizes solutions for clients in complex and high threat environments.  

Highlights from White Mountain’s achievements include: 

·     Support to JICTC and SOCAF in developing and implementing a community-based counter violent extremism strategy in Europe.
·     The development of an in-depth plan for the office of Combating Terrorism Technical Support to undermine ISIS.
·     In depth 130-page study for the U.S. State Department detailing the threat posed by Al Shabaab’s use of Dadaab refugee camp – results were used during Kenyan Presidential elections after being shared with Senior Kenyan officials.
·     Examined licit and illicit actors, influencers and trends impacting the Malian elections for SOCAF – results utilized by OSD, AFRICOM, FBI, USAID, NCTC and others.
·     Currently manages security, logistics and humanitarian programs in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey.
-  This year alone, WMR successfully moved/rescued 14,000 Yazidis and Christians out of Syria. Many of the victims were ISIS sex slaves or internally displaced due to war.
- 7,000 out of 14,000 refugees were transported to new homes in Western countries. WMR identified another potential 19,000 victims to rescue in 2019. 

For its effort in the Middle East, WMR has been recognized by the Australian government and the Yazidi leadership as a key contributor to the rescue and relocation of refugees in Iraq, Syria and Jordan.  

WMR has also received recognition from the US Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Office of Combating Terrorism Technical Support, and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.  They have also received accolades from corporate industry such as clients at the Corporate Council on Africa, Brimtek, ICANN, Cardinal Health and the Hoplite Group to name a few.  

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Every time I call for consulting or assistance, someone from WMR’s team either immediately comes on-site to provide support or I am counseled over the phone. The decades of experience and expertise that WMR brings to my business is unparalleled.
— Dave Tilton, CEO, Brimtek

The team from WMR provided exceptional security advice and services...I strongly recommend Rudy Atallah and his team at White Mountain Research
— Rod Beckstrom, CEO and President, ICANN