White Mountain Research leverages military, counterterrorism and law enforcement experience to provide industry-leading security consulting where there is a high level of threat to human life and safety. 

Emerging and highly variable human security threats force responsible private and public entities to safeguard their citizens, assets, and reputations as never before. White Mountain Research supplies government, corporate and non-profit organizations with responsive, flexible and highly effective products and services designed to mitigate these threats.

In a world of changing risks, adaptive adversaries and increased government regulation, the insurance and financial services sectors must have a rigorous and comprehensive perspective of the global security environment in order to make informed decisions. WMR arms its insurance and financial services sector clients with cutting-edge assessments and tailored decision-making support designed to protect assets and calibrate risk-taking by:

  • Enabling insurance providers to accurately evaluate terrorism risk to clients.
  • Evaluating terrorism risk policies to determine satisfactory coverage.
  • Conducting asset-specific terrorism risk assessments.
  • Testing client security best practices using sound red-teaming methods and scenarios.
  • Designing tailored educational seminars for industry clients.
  • Assessing specific threats to individuals/VIPs and other human assets using multiple, rigorous techniques.
  • Providing geographic or sector specific risk analysis designed to inform macro-level investment decision-making.

White Mountain Research also provides federal, state, and local governments specialized research, analytical, and training products and services informed by our  approach. Products range from tailored daily, weekly, or monthly open source analytical reports, to emulative adversary assessments and red teaming, to on-site analyst or subject matter expert support. WMR also offers unique, broad-spectrum African expertise to government and corporate clients.