Jawad Georges


Jawad Georges

Jawad Abou Jaoude is the Middle East Operations Manager  for White Mountain Research Group.  A recognized leader and security specialist in operations in the Middle East, Jawad specializes in providing safety and security for personnel in northern Syria and Iraq.  He has successfully planned, coordinated, and executed operations supporting more than ten thousand personnel requiring critical logistical and security support for their safe movements throughout the region over the past two decades.  Jawad’s extensive training and experience in Security and Risk Management, Close Protection and Security Engagement, Terrorism and Emergency Plans in Bases and Security Convoys have made him an invaluable asset to our international team.

Jawad’s experiences have taken him to military bases in Afghanistan and Iraq where he has executed security missions for international military teams, non-governmental organizations, and agencies for international development.  He has been responsible for the safety and security of foreign diplomats through the use of close protection in convoys, assessing security situations on sites intended for delegation visits, developing security plans, and the management of full protection against terrorist threats.

In support of religious minorities in the Nineveh plains, Jawad has identified legitimate and eligible refugees for relocation and enabled the full chain of logistics required to ensure families were moved to new or reconstructed homes in areas where they are free from oppression and violence.  In addition, he has served as a key member of the campus accreditation board and head of security and safety committee at Sagasse High School, executing safety and security plans on all campuses to avoid terrorist attacks, as well as resolving problems related to relocation/evacuation to protect students there.  While there, he also taught Social Science and the History/Geography of Lebanon.

In Pakistan and Afghanistan, he served as the chief of security for an international entity to provide full security plans for daily fuel convoys coming to and from military bases and air fields.  In the Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces of Afghanistan, he has provided protecting health and nutrition workers.  He was also a key team member responsible for providing, managing and executing security plans to construct a road from Tarin Kowt to Ushay in the Uruzgan Province.  His expertise was a key part of providing close protection for military engineers, observing the roads of executed projects, protecting convoys between bases, and providing for the safety of 100 road workers.  In addition, he has served as the chief of security for teams providing close protection of engineers in Fallujah and Ramadi, providing convoy security and has participated in the training of Iraqi Soldiers. 

His awards and accolades for his high and professional performance of duties include a medal of honor from the Canadian Ambassador, an award of security and risk management from a national healthcare accreditation organization, and personal recommendations from general officers and diplomats.

Jawad holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Basic Education from NDU Lebanon