Supply chains are among the preferred targets of modern terrorists and insurgents. White Mountain Research can provide expert, tailored logistical solutions focused on specific locations and geographic regions. 

The White Mountain Research Group is a recognized leader of operations in the Middle East, Central and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. We have successfully planned, coordinated, and executed operations supporting more than ten thousand personnel requiring critical logistical and security support for their safe movements through hazardous regions over the past two decades.  Our extensive training, experience and specialized insight into high-risk logistical operations have given us a strong international team.

Most recently, over the past year, our team has successfully relocated persecuted peoples in the Middle East.  In support of religious minorities in the Nineveh plains, we identified legitimate and eligible refugees for relocation and enabled the full chain of logistics required to ensure families were moved to new or reconstructed homes in areas where they are free from oppression and violence. 

We provided successful resolution more than 3,900 Christians and Yazidis displaced by conflict and rescued 27 Assyrian Christians from ISIS controlled territory. Through our efforts, we have also funded and rebuilt 50 Christian homes and provided temporary housing for those attempting to remain in Nineveh, Mosul and Erbil. As part of the efforts of Mercury One’s Nazarene Fund, White Mountain Research has recently partnered with Operation Underground Railroad to continue saving lives and resettling more persecuted families in the Middle East and around the world.