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White Mountain Receives Award for Middle East Humanitarian Operations

Our Middle East operations manager Jawad receives a certificate on behalf of White Mountain Research and the Nazarene Fund from Baba al-Shaykh, the highest Yazidi authority in Iraq and Syria.

For the exceptional efforts in your professional work and steadfastness in your humanitarian work, we are glad to offer you our gratefulness and appreciation for all of your efforts in serving the children of the Yazidi religion. May God bless you for the good you have done to this world.  Signed, the spiritual father for the Yazidi religion in Iraq and globally.

We have successfully moved more than 6,000 persecuted Christians and Yazidis from frontlines in Syria and Iraq in 2018. 

White Mountain Research has also initiated a new project to assist in the relocation of more than 2,000 of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the region. This operation is critical to our Australian partners as this is a group that they lost contact with during the war. We were able to locate them and are now ready to assist with their processing. A member of the Australian Parliament was dispatched to region to meet with TNF to plead for immediate action.

Elyes Ouechtati