Stephen Red Bow

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Stephen Red Bow

Stephen V. Red Bow is Executive Partner of White Mountain Research and Director of Operations.  A highly decorated Navy SEAL Command Master Chief, he retired in January 2010 after 21 years of service. An accomplished manager, leader, instructor and operator with broad expertise in leading Personal Security Details (PSD) and implementing force protection programs, Mr. Red Bow has successfully planned, coordinated and executed hundreds of joint operations and combat missions in multiple theaters around the world.  Mr. Red Bow has extensive training and experience in Direct Action, counter-terrorism, anti-terrorism, Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO), unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, foreign internal defense, personnel recovery, combat search and rescue (CSAR), sniper and special reconnaissance operations.  

Mr. Red Bow recently served as a SEAL Command Master Chief and Senior Enlisted Leader, mentoring and managing 77 senior enlisted leaders.  Mr. Red Bow also managed and supervised 476 active and reserve personnel and a $6.3M budget for command deployments during this period, providing over 53,000 man-days of direct support to Naval Special Warfare combat operations in four theaters of operation from 2006-2009. Also Expeditionary Warfare Specialist (EXW) Program Manager, Mr. Red Bow organized, integrated and implemented the EXW program into the Naval Special Warfare Reserve force, increasing professionalism and advancement opportunities for over 800 Naval Special Warfare enlisted personnel. 

Between 2002-2006, Mr. Red Bow led a 45-man Joint Operations Center and a 30-man SEAL Task Unit during two separate, highly successful six-month strategic PSD operations to protect senior members of a foreign government in an extremely hostile environment.   During this time he also protected a Western head of state and other senior Western officials.

Mr. Red Bow served from 2000-2002 as the first joint Navy SEAL course manager and instructor at the Joint Special Operations University and U.S. Air Force Special Operations School, where he trained and certified over 1,100 students annually in eleven joint special operations and force protection courses.  There he also organized and implemented the first Mobile Training Team Command and Control and Force Protection courses for Army and Navy Special Operation Forces Commands. Prior to that, Mr. Red Bow served as a SEAL instructor, where he developed curriculum and trained eight SEAL Platoons in combat applied marksmanship, close quarter combat, and the operation of heavy weapons.

As a SEAL operator from 1990-2000, Mr. Red Bow successfully organized, trained, deployed and led multiple SEAL platoons and Task Units in the execution of 241 joint operations and combat missions in multiple theaters of operation throughout the globe.  He also participated in Personal Security Details and sniper security protection during the visits of the President of the United States to two G-8 Peace Summits.